Choose your own design between 160 templates, or let us create the design appropriate for the website theme.

We are a digital company from Croatia. We make websites for free when you take hosting and maintenance from us. This is the only way where we can guarantee your website will be safe and up to date without spending a large amount of money. When the client is happy, so are we.

If you need a website to increase your business, or you need a website for some other reason, we will help you accomplish this. Let us know what you want. We will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the steps in creating a website?

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Choose your design or let us create the design appropriate for the website theme.

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Domain & hosting

Send us the pictures and text you want on your website. In this phase, the name of the domain is defined and hosting is resolved.

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Creating a website

We use modern tools to create free websites and, depending on the type of website, even you can independently publish news and various information.

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Funcionality testing

When everything is finished, we test functionality on different viewing devices.

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Placement on server

We will place your website on a reliable server and take care of the functionality of the website on the internet.

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Protection and maintenance

After the website starts functioning, we take care that there are no hackers attacking it. The websites are regularly updated for optimum functionality.

We make website on the way that the client pays only hosting and maintenance once a year. Domains such as .com, .eu, .org, .net, .biz, .info and .name cost 25 Eur per year.

Our offer implies the free creation of a standard commercial or blog website, and all special requests are specifically negotiated. In addition to the standard settings, for those who want a more advanced site, there is the possibility of creating advanced SEO and additional acceleration of the work of the site and a CDN (Content Delivery Network) system for better searching in the European and international market (More info under: Premium).

What did we make...

Samples of sites we made

In this link you can see samples of sites we made for different purposes. For companies, sports etc. All websites are responsive and the design is made on the way that website shows the type of service.

Send a request...


Goran Bilobrk
Goran Bilobrk
"Our club has been reborn since we made a website. I can say I was lucky to come across this website because everything was done without any complaints. We have been successfully cooperating for three years now."
Ksenija Čurlić
Ksenija Čurlić
"Since I only recently opened a company, I did not have the ability to pay for the creation of a website, and this way of creating a website, without large investments, helped people to hear about me. I am completely satisfied with how my website looks."
Dubravko Francišković
Dubravko Francišković
"This is an excellent idea to help new company owners who are just starting a business and do not have large financial means. Our website was done in a few days and the design was exactly as I wanted. Excellent work."

Did you know?

Source: Google, Clutch, Adobe, LeadPress, Digital, Engage2Connect, BrightEdge, SmartInsights

35% of people think their company is too small to have a website.
37% of people use web at least once a month to purchase something.
Less than 64% of small companies have website.
From all companies that don't have website 58% of companies are planing to make it.
In the end of 2019, 94% of websites will be responsive.
53% of users will leave a site if loading time is longer than 3 sec.
84% of people will purchase nothnig if website has no https protocol.
71% of small companies do thair own marketing instead of professionals.
Satisfaction guaranteed


Our core business is web design and online strategies. We are focused to help companies to achieve more clients with different online techniques.


  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Online campaigns
  • Marketing


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